Information Technology
Master of Science in Information Technology (MScIT)
First Semester
Sub Code Title Credit
MT0031   Basics of IT   2
MT0032   Structured Systems Analysis & Design (SSAD)   2
MT0033   Data Structure using ‘C’   4
MT0034   DBMS & SQL Server   4
MT0035   Internet and Multimedia   4
    Total Cumulative Credits   16
Second Semester
Sub Code Title Credit
MT0036   Switching and Transmission Fundamentals   2
MT0037   Broadband Communication   2
MT0038   Wireless Mobile Communication   2
MT0039   Artificial Intelligence & Remote Communication   2
MT0040   Visual Basic NET Technology   4
MT0041   Computer Architecture   4
    Total Cumulative Credits   32
Third Semester
Sub Code Title Credit
MT0042   C++   2
MT0043   Discrete Mathematics   2
MT0044   IT Law and Practice   2
MT0045   Java   2
MT0046   Oracle 9i   4
MT0047   Advance Software Engineering   4
    Total Cumulative Credits   48
Fourth Semester
Sub Code Title Credit
MT0048   Client Server Architecture   2
MT0049   Voice Over IP   2
MT0050   Management Information Systems (MIS)   2
MT0051   Internet Working with TCP/IP   2
MT0052   JAVA Beans ( with Servlets, JDBC, JSP, EJB) & XML   4
MT0053   Project   4
    Total Cumulative Credits   64