Information Technology
Master of Science in Information Technology (MScIT)
First Semester
Sub Code Title Credit
MIT101 Fundamentals of IT & Programming 2
MIT102 Data & File Structures 4
MIT103 Object-Oriented Programming 4
MIT104 Software Engineering 4
MIT105 Object-Oriented Programming - Practical 2
    Total Cumulative Credits   16
Second Semester
Sub Code Title Credit
MIT201 Operating System 4
MIT202 Data Base Management System (DBMS) 4
MIT203 Analysis and Design of Algorithms 4
MIT204 Data Communication and Networking 4
MIT205 Mini Project 2
    Total Cumulative Credits   34
Third Semester
Sub Code Title Credit
MIT301 Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) 4
MIT302 Web Technologies 4
MIT303 Elective - 1 4
MIT304 Elective - 2 4
MIT305 Web Technologies Lab 2
    Total Cumulative Credits   52
Fourth Semester
Sub Code Title Credit
MIT401 Data Warehousing and Data Mining 4
MIT402 Elective - 3 4
MIT403 Elective - 4 4
MIT404 Project 8
    Total Cumulative Credits   72
Elective 1
Sub Code Title
    Elective 1    
MIT3031 High Speed Networks 
MIT3032 Distributed Operating System 
MIT3033 Software Architecture 
Elective 2
Sub Code Title
    Elective 2    
MIT3041 Open Source System 
MIT3042 Embedded Systems 
MIT3043 Graphics and Multimedia Systems 
Elective 3
Sub Code Title
    Elective 3    
MIT4021 C# and .Net 
MIT4022 Network Security 
MIT4023 Real Time Operating System (RTOS) 
MIT4024 Customer Relationship Management 
Elective 4
Sub Code Title
    Elective 4    
MIT4031 Advanced Software Engineering 
MIT4032 Cloud Computing 
MIT4033 Wireless and Mobile Communication 
MIT4034 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)